Reflective practice and CPD

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You must continue to improve your practice as an assessor, by reflecting on your practice, and ensuring that it meets legal, organisational and awarding body requirements. There are various ways to carry out a reflection.

You could use a reflective log or online diary. A useful method of self-evaluation that you use is the mnemonic (EDAR) which involves having an experience, describing it, analysing it and revising it.

It is vital that you keep up to date with any changes in your profession. Also any changes in legislation, any changes in qualification standards and ICT advancements. You should always be striving to improve what you do. By always reflecting on your own practice, will help you to improve your skills and ensure that you are carrying out your role correctly and effectively.

Try to learn lessons from assessment practices, dealings with learners, other assessors, and those that are involved in the quality assurance or standardisation process will improve what you do. If you continually use reflective practice, you will be able to look at the effect that your conduct has had on your learners and others. You will then be able to consider what you can do to improve where necessary.

You need to maintain occupational expertise by keeping up to date with any changes in technology, working practices and standards in your sector. To achieve this, you must always be regularly carrying out continuing professional development (CPD). If you carry this out and use reflective practice, it will help you to continue to be interested in your work and motivated.

It is extremely important that as a professional you maintain your expertise in the assessment process by keeping up to date with any new assessment standards.

There are numerous CPD opportunities available to help achieve this, they include:

  • Attending meetings, events, standardisation activities and training programmes
  • Evaluating feedback from peers and learners
  • Observing and shadowing colleagues
  • Completing courses or gaining additional qualifications
  • Writing or reviewing books and articles;