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Building a session plan introduction

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So from now on, we are going to look at building a session plan. Session plans are broken into three parts and we are going to initially start with what's called the introduction. For the videos, we are going to show the body of this session and then another video will show us how to complete a summary. Any courses that we are delivering in Education and Training should always have three-part components of Introduction, Body and Summary and no matter how long we may be teaching for, whether it is going to be a 30-minute micro-teach session, or whether we are going to do a full day six-hour course, it should always follow the same principles in that we will have an introduction, introducing what we are going to be doing through the day, ground rules, health and safety, complete an icebreaker with our learners and then introduce our aims and outcomes for the session and that is what our introduction will include and then, we will have the body section, which is about the actual teaching elements to learning approaches and teaching methods we are going to be putting into place, we will have the assessment resources and other parts and then, we are going to be looking at the summary, where we should always be restating our aims and outcomes and summarizing the main key points of the session. So as an introduction, that is what we are going to be doing initially, looking at ways of how we can build a session plan, whether it be for a short or a long-term session.