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Leading a session - a non-practical subject (ideal for virtual microteach lessons)

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Theory-Based Session Planning

Understanding Non-Practical, Theory-Based Sessions

Introduction: Exploring the structure of theory-based sessions and their educational objectives.

Designing for Learning in Non-Practical Sessions

In non-practical sessions, such as those focusing on soft skills or theoretical knowledge, the emphasis is on understanding and retention.

Implementing Effective Assessment Methods

Choose appropriate assessment methods like testing and questioning to gauge learning effectively.

Example: Microteach Session Breakdown

For instance, in a 30-minute microteach session, allocate time wisely: 13 minutes for introduction, 2 minutes for summary, leaving 15 minutes for the main body.

Utilizing Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)

MCQs: A quick and efficient method for knowledge assessment in theory-based sessions.

Planning Learning Outcomes and Activities

Breakdown of learning outcomes and corresponding activities:

  • Learning Outcome 1: Understanding "What is epilepsy?" (Activity: Discussion)
  • Learning Outcome 2: Types of epilepsy (Activity: Listing)
  • Learning Outcome 3: Recognizing signs and symptoms of seizures (Activity: Q&A)
  • Learning Outcome 4: Emergency protocols (Activity: List)

Time Management in Session Delivery

Allocate time effectively: 3 minutes for MCQs, leaving 12 minutes to cover learning outcomes.

Resource Allocation

Prepare handouts or slides for MCQs based on session format (virtual or classroom).


Key Takeaway: Proper planning ensures effective session delivery and assessment, supporting learner engagement and achievement.