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Course introduction

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Welcome to the Award in Education and Training Course

Course Overview

This ProTrainings course serves as an introduction to the Award in Education and Training, designed to complement the full course available from ITG Instructor Training and other providers.

If you haven't booked your full course yet, contact ITG on 01206 805380. Options include classroom sessions, 100% distance learning with a video micro-teach, or virtual/face-to-face micro-teach lessons.

Course Details

  • Course Structure: Watch videos, answer knowledge review questions, and take a completion test.
  • Flexibility: Start and stop the course at your convenience; resume exactly where you left off.
  • Device Compatibility: View on any device - computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Additional Resources: Text support on each page, subtitles with customisable options, and smaller video player for simultaneous reading and watching.
  • Completion: Receive a printable certificate and other downloads upon passing the test.

Support and Updates

  • Resources: Links and resources available on the course homepage.
  • Course Access: 8 months of access even after passing the test.
  • Company Solutions: Free company dashboards available for workplace staff training.
  • Support: Comprehensive support provided throughout your training.
  • Skill Maintenance: Weekly emails with updates and new course content, optional to receive.

We trust you'll find this course beneficial. Thank you for choosing ProTrainings. Best of luck!