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Learning approaches and methods, resources and assessment

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Learning approaches and methods are the ways you will teach your learners, and over the years training companies and organisations have renamed or put different slants on these. The learning approaches or methods are: Presentation, Practical demonstration, Activities, Role Play, Case Studies, Question and Answers, Discussions, be that formal 1 to 1 and paired, Informal – so as a group, Research or self-directed study and E-learning.

Some of these can also be used for assessment approaches.

Resources are key in the delivery of both knowledge and skill-based subjects. Most of us have used the resource of a power point slide show and this media prompts you and ensures you do not forget information. Large amounts of text that is just read out loud from the slides is not the best way to use it, instead use headings and then expand the content from own knowledge. Flip charts are very useful in the fact that you can write information on a sheet of paper and then put it on the wall for reference, it’s also a useful back up if technology fails you. Books and Handouts help with retention of learning and in self-directed study these can be in the form of either a hard copy or electronic. When teaching, use anything that helps the learners understand the subject, no matter what form of resource that takes.

Assessing can be categorised in two approaches, you are either assessing knowledge or you are assessing skills and the outcome or decision is based on whether or not the person is competent and capable, and if there any gaps in their knowledge. To check learning has taken place, you can use a variety of assessment methods. For skills you will be completing Observations or role play of practice and to check knowledge you will use Assignments, Essays, Quizzes, Tests, Case Studies, Gapped Handouts, Written formal Q&A’s and Verbal informal Q&A’s. All sessions should be assessed using one or several media and should not be undertaken in isolation at the end of the day, but staggered through the day so as to help with learner motivation, progression and sense of achievement.