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Continuous Personal Development (CPD) for Teachers

The Importance of CPD for Teachers

As a teacher, continuous personal development (CPD) is crucial to maintain growth:

  • Significance: CPD ensures ongoing learning and prevents professional stagnation.
  • Professional Requirements: Many organisations mandate CPD records.

Types of CPD Activities

CPD activities can vary and include:

  • Attending courses, conferences, or updates.
  • Reading books, articles, or attending classes.
  • Engaging in online courses and training.

Documenting CPD

Recording CPD can be done through:

  • Using forms, Word documents, or specific training portfolios.
  • Utilising organisation-provided platforms or forms.

Benefits of Completing CPD

Completing CPD not only fulfils professional requirements but also:

  • Enhances teaching skills and course delivery.
  • Boosts confidence and knowledge development.

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