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As a teacher, it is very important that you continue your development. What we are looking at here is CPD, Continuous Personal Development, which keeps you learning. When you stop learning, then you start getting stagnant. Many professional organizations will insist that you keep a record of your CPD. CPD can happen in different ways. You could go on courses, attend CPD days and updates, conferences, read, attend a class, or you can do online courses. You may have to complete CPD in subjects laid down by your professional body, or it may be you just need to complete so many hours of CPD. Online training is a very good way of completing CPD. A lot of the online courses will have a preset CPD statement that comes with the course, like we offer at ITG and ProTrainings.

You document your CPD using forms, a Word document, or our company, ProTrainings, have a training portfolio that is automatically created for all instructors. Some organizations have their own forms or web platforms where you can document CPD, or others just ask you to keep a record and submit it when required. Completing CPD will not only meet professional requirements but also improve your training and makes your courses more fun as you develop your knowledge and confidence with more CPD. If you would like more information on the ProTrainings range of Certified CPD courses, visit, or email us on