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Leading a session - your summary

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Okay, so we have looked at doing an introduction. The second part would also always be the body, and the third part would be the summary, so I'm going to just change that, because of the logic of doing this. The body is the main part of the teaching session, and so, that's the big part area where we want as much time as possible to get in what we need to teach because that's what you are going to be assessed upon. So, in this part, we are just going to quickly look at what the summary is and then we can get a time for the summary. So when we are doing a micro-teach session, if we have a 30-minute session, we can work out exactly how much teaching we have got to do, especially if it's going to be a practically-taught session, or whether it's going to be a theory-taught session, and how we break that up. So in the summary, generally that's what we come to the end of the session. And within the end of the session, we are going to be talking about key points that we may have gone through in the session. But clearly, we must restate our aims and outcomes, and then from that, we can summarize, because we can ask the learners questions on: Did we meet this outcome? Did we achieve this outcome? Have we covered this outcome with enough information?

So it's a time where learners can have some input and we can make sure we have covered all the necessary information of that course. So within our summary, if we just go directly into the restatement of aims and outcomes, so this will be restated aim and outcomes. And so, we have gone there, so our aim of the session would be whatever your title was, whatever the aim was for that session and then you would restate your four learning outcomes. So it could be, if learners have understood a certain part and they can demonstrate something now, they can explain something. So dependent on what the session is and the outcomes you had in there, that's when you would restate that. And this thing would get opened up to the questions we would ask our learners. Have we covered that fully? And it could be an informal way of asking some questions. You could actually go around the room and ask a learner one of the outcomes. You can ask him a part of it to see if they have retained that information. So it's another form of assessment that we can be used, but it's also a part of the approach that we make sure we are completing.

So with the summary at the end, we have covered our outcomes and it's always a good part of it is to ensure that we are asking learners, "Is there any questions?" Okay. So while we have done the tutor activity, we are going to look at the learner activity within this. This would be, again, listen, question and answers. Okay. And so, it gives them the opportunity to be able to get some input or feedback from what's happened. Moving on to that summary part, again, there's no assessment within there, so we can go with a non-applicable for that part again. Again, this could be in our PowerPoint slide, but remember, it's dependent on when we do our middle point, our body part of the lesson or session plan, where we are going to get that information of what the slide number may be. Okay. Now, learning outcomes. There's a section next to the Time column, which is the Learning Outcome column. So within this, because we are restating all four learning outcomes, we can always write just L-0-1 to L-0-4, or depending on how many learning outcomes there maybe, because we are restating them, so it's clearly defined that's what we are doing. Okay.

Now, time's the component here. When we are looking at a micro-teach session, we have 30 minutes. So, if we have already had 30 minutes for the introduction, probably, we want to look at only a couple of minutes to summarize, because then that would give us a total of 15 minutes, which would then give us 15 minutes in the body of our teaching. Okay. So, we are going to come to the agreement that this is a two-minute session part for the summary. Okay. So you can restate your ends and outcomes, you can identify key points, talk about those and that should take us roughly two minutes. Now, as the time's going to be ticking down, we also want to make sure we are ending correctly. So, at the end of the summary, we potentially would like to thank our learners for attending and just throw out one more time, "Are there any other questions?" And that way, learners can see that you've completely finished the session. So, I would always just throw a slide up, "Thank you for attending. Thank you for taking part" and it just gives the learners to know that it's the end of the session.