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We are now going to look at learning objectives and there are two main things to talk about here, the aims and the objectives. An aim is what the tutor would look to achieve over the course of the lesson and the objectives relate to what the learner needs to actually reach. Another name for objectives is learning outcomes. When you are coming up with any learning outcomes or objectives you need to make sure that they are what is called SMART. S stands for spur-cifick, so it needs to be a spur-cifick learning outcome that is relative to the actual topic that you are talking about. M stands for measurable, so this has to be a measurable learning outcome so that if you are teaching something and you are putting a learning outcome in place we are able to assess this at a later stage. A stands for achievable, so the actual outcome we are talking about needs to be achievable both from a teaching perspective and from that of the learners. R starts for realistic, meaning it has to be a realistic objective and T stands for Time, so recognising that all the objectives must be able to be met within the time of the lesson.

Whenever you are writing your session plans and schemes of work, you should be considering aims and objectives, so make sure that all of these objectives are SMART. Look at them and analyse them, there is no point in putting an objective in place if it is just not realistic.

There needs to be clarity in the way that all outcomes should link to the assessment process. Outcomes need to be precise in what they state and the number of outcomes should be appropriate for the length of the session, or what the desired standards are. If there are 5 assessment criteria or standards, then generally you will have 5 outcomes for the session. It is your responsibility to plan learning to meet the outcomes and you should always state your aim and outcomes to the learners at the start of the session and then re-state them at the end, to ensure you have covered them all.