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Session plans work directly in relation to the scheme of work. You would create a scheme of work for the entire course, made up of individual session plans, a much more detailed document on exactly what you do and say. The session plan could be very useful if maybe you are taken ill and someone else had to deliver your lesson for you, this person could use the scheme of work to show what they are going to teach overall and the session plan to know exactly how they're going to apply that and also assess each of the individual outcomes and objectives. This would help another trainer to be able to deliver your lesson in an effective manner.

So let’s have a look at the session plan in a bit more detail. The plan would have a unit title on it, where you write what the actual session itself is called. You would name the person delivering it, the date of the session, which room it’s in, the course topic, so exactly what you’re going to be doing, the start time, and the planned duration. These are the main subjects at the top of the form. What you then do is itemize each of these in more detail, in terms of the time you would expect to spend on each one of them.

You have to make sure that these objectives, taken from the learning outcomes are smart, so specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely. We then look at the learning resources that we are going to be using, so what actual resources do you need to use?

By having this in advance, we know what to make sure is in the classroom at the start of the lesson, what activities the teacher has to do and also what activities the learner would have to do. We then look at the assessment. How are we going to assess this particular skill? Some session plans will also have spaces where equality and diversity and any functional skills you are going to embed must be shown.

When you are planning session plans for the first time, this can be very difficult because you don't really know how it is all going to come together, so what you must do is produce a session plan with as much detail as possible, so it therefore acts almost as a script and covers every topic and outcome, ensuring none are missed. Produce it with as much information as possible, but then review it. Have it with you when you start teaching, make notes and adapt it ready for the next lesson as required. If you find you do adapt it, make notes on what you’ve changed and of course, if you do find any errors, you must change them at this stage.