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There has been a government initiative to embed functional skills into all training. The idea is whatever the subject you are teaching, try to embed skills like English, Maths or ICT, information and communications technology. Embedding English into your lessons can be quite easy. This can be using things like reading PowerPoint, getting your learners to read handouts or read sections off the PowerPoint, writing, listening, speaking, and discussing. All these things can help promote the proper use of English. Embedding mathematics again is relatively simple but won't always apply. You can find ways of working out some calculations or measurements. Maybe the subject you are teaching, they are involved a lot of numbers. Try building mathematical problems into your sessions. This will give learners more time to practice Maths and also to apply it to the subjects you are teaching.

Embedding ICT can be things like email. Ask your learners to email documents to you or ask them to do some research on the internet or use computers to print out their assignments or reports. Also, get them to use presentation packages like PowerPoints when they are doing work or use spreadsheets to summarize the data you are working on. Embedding functional skills is relatively easy. However, you are not going always to be able to do it on every single part of a session. Have a look through and always be aware of different ways that you can embed these skills because they will only benefit your learners. Embedding functional skills into your lessons can be fun. Try and incorporate them because all these basic skills are very good life skills, and not only are you teaching the session, but you're also teaching these extra functional skills.