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Passing AET Assignments

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We are going to look at how we are going to be passing assignments. Now, it is very important to actually understand the wording on the set of questions that we have been giving out, whether it is a task or assignment one or a task one, task two. So again, we should be looking at the video that accompanies these the online stuff and that would be SMART words, understanding what a SMART word is. So it is understanding the question that is being set. It is very important as well to actually use some of the questions in your first sentence of your answer, it acts as an introduction and it gets the person who is reading it to confirm that you actually are on the right structure or right way of answering that question.

It is very important also that we understand the word count, so it is looking at the question and also using our paperwork, which is on the virtual learning environment. So do not use anything old, always go on the VLE and get the necessary paperwork so the questions can be answered on the right sheets because it will give you instructions on exactly what the question is, whether there is a word count, whether there is a referencing, whether there is anything else that needs to be done with it. So it is very important that we use the paperwork that is provided.

But also just going to quickly mention plagiarism. Plagiarism is please be sure to use your own work, your own words, okay? It is okay to look at books and use books as resources. It is okay of course to quote stuff but when we are writing these as questions out in our assignments, it has to be in your own words, in your own work. We do use plagiarism systems where we can actually find sources where it has come from and there is a whole complete video that you need to look at about plagiarism. Okay.

If you have received some feedback and you are resubmitting an assignment, it is best to look at what the actual feedback is asking you to do and then when you do start please highlight that in a different colour so it is easier for the assessor to identify and easy to see that you have actually added further information. Some of the assignments might be seven or eight tasks or seven or eight questions and they are very, very long to read. If you have only added a sentence into one paragraph, it could take some time, additional time, to actually re-read the full assignment. So if you can highlight it and put it in a different colour, then it is very easy for the assessor to actually identify and move that on.

Just be aware also that when you are completing your assignments to re-check your work. We are looking for, making sure that your... Most laptops now will have grammatic checks or spelling checks, just please make sure the spacing is appropriate, spelling is appropriate and it is checked properly before you submit as well. There is no... We are not going to refer individuals for bad spelling. We also know some laptops do have to autocorrect and change words, but it is an assignment we should be thinking about the work we are providing, so make it necessary to check our work before we send it in and sometimes that could be just asking somebody else to read it before you submit it. A second pair of eyes sometimes pick out mistakes and errors along the way.